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About me! Just the new kid on the block…


Hi I’m Bethany! So, what I’ve learned so far in 2018 is that life is no guarantee and you should seize every moment.   For as long as I can remember I had a thing for clothes…and a terrible weakness for designer purses!  To this day, style and fashion have been a passion!  I can’t say I am even remotely stylish on a daily basis because you can normally catch me in scrubs for work as a dental hygienist or exercise clothes.  Being busy is usually my excuse…. but when you have an active son and work full time it’s hard to get ME time!  I thought that this year I might take time aside my hustle and bustle and focus on some things I do love.   I am lucky enough to connect with people on a daily basis and am looking forward to sharing a new hobby with others! Here it goes 🤞🏻 Thanks for visiting!

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