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Fall Items I’m Loving 😍

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Ok everyone…..I did it!  Made some serious upgrades that is 😉 I’ve been wanting to make some collections of items that I could display all at once {well, really you have to scroll the photos, but close enough right?!?}  I went through a ton of items and I picked some of my favorites for Fall.  There should be a heart ❤️ icon on the items that  can highlighted if you like it, and want to get a sale alert….even better!!  Also, if you looking for something, ask!

Hot items for this Fall includes plaids (some bright ones😮, not sure how I feel about this),  Shimmery silver fabrics, dad-style chunky sneakers😝, Hot pink & 80’s style {think scrunchies!!! and colored glasses🤔}, BIG handbags, Animal prints (I can always work in some leopard🐆), sexy suits and rainbow 🌈 tights…..I can honestly say I’m not sure how many of these things you’ll see in my wardrobe EXCEPT some muted plaids and leopard shoes.

Well, here are some of my top picks for the Fall: (you have to scroll ⬅️ & ➡️) p.s not sure if this is mobile friendly 🤷🏼‍♀️

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