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The look for less 🙌🏻

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So do you ever look through a magazine and see a nice handbag, clothing item or accessory and then see the price and you can’t believe people would pay that much??  Unless your a Kardashian or have a money tree growing in you backyard, most people get a little thrill on getting a great deal….I know I do!

So today I have a few luxury items that are consitantly being showcased on instagram and their dupe counterpart.

{ click each affiliate linked photo to bring you to the item to see more! }

Here are few of my dream handbags:

And now some super similar dupes = the look for less!!

This Chloe dupe comes in 19 colors and has great reviews!

This Celine dupe comes in 14 colors and also has great reviews!!

This Hermes Birkin dupe comes in 21 colors and again, good reviews!!

Next up is Belts….I was again, so surprised to come across these!  Here are 2 VERY high end belts:

Anddd…. lookie, lookie what I found:

So many color combos AND its reversible, 2 colors in 1!!

 Again, choose your color and size

This one is pretty good too:

This here is the SUPER popular Celine initial necklace….

and HERE is the dupe!!

Pretty awesome! $500 vs $15 😮

So there it is, the look for less!  Amazon really does have everything.  Drop a comment or message if you’ve found any great dupes recently.


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