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Stitch Fix Box #9

Hey everyone! So I ended up receiving my Stitch Fix box yesterday but I wanted to go over what was inside 📦

So I did have more misses than hits 😢 but here they are:

A miss for me

Ok so the fit of this dress was good. I’m not a huge fan of floral prints and I probably would not have a place to wear this, so this one is heading back ✌🏻

A miss for me

Ok, so these are black skinny jeans with some nice stretch and really soft. These also have a higher waist. I probably would have kept these if I didn’t already have a few other pair of black skinny jeans. 👍🏻

A big miss for me

Ok, I’m not really the “fitted shirt” type… well, at least since becoming a mom. This grey cowl neck has some button detailing on the sleeves and some good stretch. BUT this one is heading back 👋🏻

This was a miss

I definitely LOVED the style (I would have needed a smaller size since this was pretty oversized) BUTTT I could not get past the print…. it just screams prison inmate, and I for one, am trying to avoid that look 😂 If this had been a solid color, it absolutely would be staying. The material is so soft and cozy. 👋🏻 😩

Ok guys here it is, the suspense! My only hit of this Fix

This was super cute and I’ve been eyeing these wrapped back sweaters! It’s oversized and probably would be cuter with this black bralette! This one is a keeper 😍

What do you guys think? Would you have kept any of my send-backs??

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