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Fav picks from Nordstrom Fall Sale 😍

Good Friday morning friends! The Nordstrom fall sale has begun, save up to 40% today through the 18th. Things don’t last long so check back for re-stocks 👍🏻

I didn’t have too much time this morning, but I quickly went though and picked out some of my favorites. I’m currently sitting at a swim lesson, but I’m going to look and add a bit more a little later.

Hope everyone has some fun plans for the weekend! If you couldn’t guess…. we have yet another birthday party! I legit need to start a birthday party fund 🏦

So here are my picks ⬇️ (swipe < and > for more) Also… if you like an item and wish to see if it will be further makers down or re-stocked, highlight the ❤️ icon for future alerts! 😘

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