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Velvet, Sequins, Lace? What’s your Holiday style??👠


Family parties, work parties, meeting up with friends? You probably need a little glam… aka velvet, sequins or lace OR perhaps a combo of all 3! 💃🏼 Many of the stores have an online area with “Holiday items” such as J.Crew Factory’s looks for her, or J.Crew Factory’s looks for him. You can also find lots of velvet, sequins and lace in the Express party looks for her area. If you’re looking to hit the clubs, Forever21 has some great deals (bc more than likely you won’t be wearing this outfit frequently… unless your job rolls like that😉) on just Velvet (men, there are some velvet shirts in there for you too!), Sequins or Lace. I rounded up some of my picks for the Holidays, Enjoy! 😘




For the Club

If there’s anything you’d like to see, leave a comment!!  Have a great Tuesday!

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