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Tried RocksBox Yet? Here’s Your Chance!


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You know I love fashion & beauty, and what’s better than getting an honest review??😉 So, I’ve been wanting to try RocksBox for a while now…. for those that don’t know what it is, it’s a box subscription for jewelry. Like many other fashion subscriptions, there’s a fee ($21 for your box) and the fee gets credited toward any item you can’t part with.

I was given an opportunity to try RocksBox, so I gave it a go!

First, you create your wishlist and then a stylist sends you 3 items. You get to wear them and try them. When you’re done, return what you don’t like in the prepaid envelope or purchase any items you’d like to keep! Pretty simple!

Here are some of the cute items I received in my 1st box, continue further 👇🏼 for boxes 2 & 3! So far I am loving this!  If you want to try a month FREE…. use code bethanybrysonxoxo

Enjoy! 😘

Box #2:

Box #2 arrived last week and again, did not disappoint! 3 more items from my wishlist were selected and I’m loving getting to try them all out! 😊 Here is a peek at what I received:

If you want to try a month FREE…. use code bethanybrysonxoxo

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