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Where have I been?

Ivory Mix StockSo I decided to take some time off from the weekly sales update to see how I felt about it. Lol! My conclusion? I need more spontaneity in my life. If you’re over my weekly sales updates…. you’re in luck! 😂 Instead of sticking to a schedule, I will blog about my faves as I can, in other words… I need to be more “present” in real life. [sometimes we all need to put down the devices right?!] I do love fashion, beauty and a dang good bargain, I just don’t want to be married to the computer on certain days or times, 1 husband is enough! 😉

So where have I been? Well… I’ve been laying low from what may be a kidney stone or infection. 😫 Still waiting on further tests. So my fitness has been big time suffering, I can’t wait to get back on track… hopefully soon!

I’ll leave you with that… and of course some favorites!

xo Bethany

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